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Please note:

– At the first visit, the doctor will determine the periodontal status, study the medical history in detail, and then offer an effective plan.
– We can’t guarantee that any intervention will take place at the first meeting, as each case is unique and time consuming.

Important informations:
Consultation fee is HUF 10,000, cash only!
If you have to cancel your appointment please do 24 hours prior before your date.
If you miss that, we will charge extra 10.000 HUF at your next appointment as availability fee.
Parking is possible free of charge in front of the clinic and in the surrounding streets.

We will confirm your online reservation by email.

请在下面预约与Dr. Xiaowen Tang医生的咨询!


– 在第一次咨询中,我们会进行一般性检查,并确定您的治疗步骤,无论您之前是否曾因同样问题就诊过其他牙医。

– 我们不能保证第一次会议将进行任何干预措施,因为每个案例都是独特且耗时的。所需的治疗将在您的第一次咨询中确定,我们会安排进一步的预约。


– 咨询费为10,000福林,仅可现金支付

– 如果您需要取消预约,请在您的日期前24小时取消。如果您错过了这一点,我们会在下一次预约时额外收取10,000福林的可用性费用。

– 在诊所前面和周围街道上可以免费停车